Chicago’s Dance Companies and Venues

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August 12, 2016

Chicago’s Dance Companies and Venues

home_pole_startnow_gallery1_Chicago has a lot of dance studios in almost every neighborhood where you can pick where to attend based on your style of dancing. Be it modern dance, jazz, ballet, contemporary, or cultural, Chicago has something for everyone.

If you are planning on going to a dance company but not sure which class is right for your type, start with some of the well known dance academy in Chicago. Keep an eye for those companies offering open house events since first-time trials are usually free of charge and can also get a chance for a scholarship.

If classical ballet is your forte, Joffrey Ballet is the one for you. The Joffrey considers Louis Sullivan’s historic Auditorium Theater as its performing home. This theater, for more than 125 years has been the leading presenter of major Chicago and world-known touring dance companies. Aside from ballet, Chicago’s brightest modern, jazz and contemporary dance companies showcases on regular seasons at the Harris Theater for Music and Dance. Also known of Chicago is its innovation and excellence when in comes to tap and percussive dance. Some of the known companies include Chicago Tap Theater, MADD Rhythms, Audible Odyssey, Jumo Rhythm Jazz Project and BAM!.

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